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Sultan leads the way to staying fit and healthy

ROYAL ADVICE: Ruler jogs daily and is on strict diet ahead of Kembara tour

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar showing the high-powered motorcycle which he will
use in the Kembara Mahkota Johor tour. Pic by Zain Ahmed

JOHOR BARU: SULTAN of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar is undergoing a strict diet to ensure he is fitter for the  four-day Kembara Mahkota Johor (KMJ) beginning on Sunday.
Met at Istana Pasir Pelangi yesterday, Sultan Ibrahim said his meals consisted of only vegetables for the past two months. As a result he looks trimmer after shedding about 11kg.
"Only vegetables. No rice, no biscuits, no bread, no carbohydrate (food) whatsoever. (I'm being) more than a vegetarian. I even jog at 5am daily.
"Do l look a little slimmer now? Last time, my belly swerved here and there whenever I take a walk," he said candidly to the media members interviewing him.
He said the secret to his success in losing weight under the strict regime was sheer willpower. Even his doctor and private secretary join him for the morning jog.
"When I exercise, everybody will exercise. However, they (his staff) complain since they have to wake up early in the morning.
"You must have the willpower to lose weight. Whenever I want to put on weight, I put on weight, and whenever I want to lose weight, I can lose weight. No problem," Sultan Ibrahim said.
"But I think I look better this way. Basically, I feel like I'm a bit too heavy, and I get tired quite fast carrying all that excess weight. So that is why I decided to go on a diet and be prepared for this Kembara."
Sultan Ibrahim has decided that he will continue the diet after the KMJ. However, he said he would probably put on weight following the feast prepared by the rakyat at the stops during the tour.
"And then, I will go on a crash diet again. Can you tell the difference? Look at the photo (while pointing at his picture on a wall). Then and now?" said Sultan Ibrahim, to which a reporter then mentioned his double chin.
"Our family (members) usually has double chin," quipped the sultan, before adding that he wanted to convey a message to the people to live healthily as part of the KMJ.
"I hope my subjects will stay healthy and I'll pray for their health.
"And don't take sugar. (For example) you know, when you go to a kopitiam, the coffee is so sweet. So my advice is to take less sugar.
"Take supplements as well (as a substitute to sugar) Take stevia leaves."
Sultan Ibrahim said the Federal Government had allocated a sum for the KMJ fund and it was his job to "return" it to the public.
"We (KMJ) will be more charity (driven), especially to the unfortunate, the single mothers, and fishermen, whom we will give boats and engines.
"We will even have lucky draws in 10 districts, and among the prizes are 20 motorcycles."
The sultan said this year's KMJ would be the first to be flagged off by the prime minister in Kulaijaya.
"I am happy that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has agreed to flag off the event, which is usually done by the menteri besar."
The tour will cover 1,100km, from Johor Baru to Kota Tinggi and from Sebana Cove, Kota Tinggi to Pengerang before ending in Mersing.

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